R.I.P. Jessica Redfield

The hockey writing community lost one of its best and brightest young members in a shooting at an Aurora, Colo. movie theater early Friday morning that needlessly took the lives of 12 people and injured 38 others.

Jessica Redfield, aspiring sportswriter and intern for the wonderful You Can Play Project, was 24 years old.

I never met Redfield – real name Jessica Ghawi – but she was extremely well-liked in our community, and her dedication to her craft should have led to a very successful career in our field. Her Twitter timeline has made for particularly harrowing reading this morning, and my heart goes out to everyone – including some of my own friends – who cared for and knew her personally.

Tributes to Redfield have flooded onto the Internet in the hours since the massacre in Aurora took place, and many more will undoubtedly continue to come in. As with those of everyone else in our community, my thoughts are with Redfield’s friends and family, as well as with the loved ones of everyone else affected by the tragedy.

As for Redfield, though, Denver Post sports columnist Mark Kiszla asked on Twitter that the following video be spread around so it’s she and the other victims of the massacre, and not the shooter, that are remembered.


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