RFO Chat series to start Wednesday

At noon Central time on Wednesday, Radio Free Omaha will take a big step forward in terms of becoming more interactive with you, its readers.

I’m pleased to announce the impending launch of the RFO Chat series, an hour-long online chat about Nebraska-Omaha hockey and other things going on in the college hockey world.

The Mavericks are idle this upcoming weekend, but we won’t be short of topics to discuss. UNO hosts top-ranked Minnesota-Duluth next week, and head coach Dean Blais and UNO forward Josh Archibald will be returning from the IIHF World Junior Championship up in Alberta.

What’s more, the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference – or, for any Scott Pilgrim v The World fans out there, the League of Evil Exes – will be formally naming its commissioner on Wednesday.

Those all should spark interesting discussions, and, time permitting, we may move on to other college hockey-related topics, as well.

RFO is as much about its readers as it is about me delivering its content, so I’ll be looking forward to chatting with you all Wednesday at midday. See you then.


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