UNO’s sitting on a retail gold mine – Does it know it?

Nebraska-Omaha unveiled new one-off black sweaters against Quinnipiac on Dec. 31. (Photo credit: Brad Williams)

This isn’t bound to be a popular opinion around these parts, but I’m not the biggest fan of Nebraska-Omaha’s new secondary bull logo.

To me, it looks too much like a cross between Minnesota State’s steer and the Laughing Cow, and I’m still not sure why UNO’s last bull logo had to face the axe, and you kids get off my lawn, and so on, and so forth.

Having said all that, the Mavericks unveiled new black sweaters ahead of last Saturday’s 4-1 win over visiting Quinnipiac. The new threads have gone down a treat with the UNO hardcore fan base, but the new fans’ favorites were a one-off and now are set to become collectors’ items.


The answer seems obvious: The sweaters will undoubtedly be auctioned off later in the season with the proceeds going to a charity of some sort.

Fair play, but – and I don’t mean this to sound overly cynical – UNO would do very well here to listen to its fans and give them what they want. The Maverick hardcore base has gone certifiably ga-ga over the one-offs, and UNO would stand to make a relative killing if it sold replica of those promotional jersies.

The one-offs aren’t entirely perfect – for example, the ‘O’ shoulder patches are a bit too big in relation to the numbers on the sleeves – but they seem to be more or less exactly what Maverick fans were looking for following the change to the new logos.

The ‘Mavericks’ script crest on the new home sweaters this season hasn’t really placated any fans, and the one-off black sweaters seem to be preferred even to this season’s much-improved – to me, anyway – Montreal Canadiens-style away strip.

Again, good on UNO presuming it ends up enriching parts of the Omaha community if the one-offs are indeed auctioned off, and history has shown that there are many UNO fans who are willing to pay top dollar for authentic, game-worn Maverick gear. That said, philanthropy won’t stop the wider base clamoring for what it’s seen and prefers to what’s more readily available for purchase.

I wouldn’t go so far as to criticize anyone at UNO about the new home and away sweaters, because I could live with any uniform designs the school implements. UNO has, however, stumbled upon more or less exactly what its fans want. To not make that, or something like that, as accessible as possible to them is silly.


2 thoughts on “UNO’s sitting on a retail gold mine – Does it know it?

  1. Neither of those logos look good on a hockey sweater. the old bull was way better. This is all Trev wanting to change everything and making it his. That old bull didnt need to be changed, it was already one of the best out there. UNO just has poor marketing.

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