Postgame: UNO 2-2 Quinnipiac Nebraska-Omaha and Quinnipiac play to spirited stalemate

11:42: UNO 2-2 QU – Ryan Walters 7 from Zahn Raubenheimer 2 and Jayson Megna 12


1:21: QU – Mike Glaicar – 2 min. for cross-checking
13:17: QU – Mike Glaicar – 2 min. for elbowing

UNO 33-21 QU (Third period: UNO 13-8 QU)


UNO 0-for-3; QU 0-for-2





UNO 3-1 QU (Game total: UNO 36-22 QU)


UNO 0-for-3; QU 0-for-2


1.) Ryan Walters – UNO
2.) Yuri Bouharevich – QU
3.) Eric Hartzell – QU

Pat Britt
Scott Bokal, Nate Stanton
Scott Fitzpatrick

UNO defenseman Andrej Sustr left the game early, reportedly having suffered a wrist injury, and did not return…The Bobcats’ bottom two forward lines accounted for all of QU’s scoring on Friday…Maverick mid-season addition Joe Krause was a scratch on Friday and thus did not feature in the game…For any UNO fans who miss shootouts at the conclusion of tied games, several QU scratches asked me after the game why there wasn’t a shootout after Friday’s tilt. So apparently you’re not alone, then.

UNO forward Ryan Walters:

General thoughts on Friday’s game: “When we went up to Quinnipiac, they ended up sweeping us in their place, so this was a big game for us, and we were all excited to get back at them. They’re a good team, and their goalie played very well tonight and we can expect the same (from QU) tomorrow. We need to get some bodies in front of them again and get some shots on net.”

UNO forward Jayson Megna:
On overcoming the program’s recent adversity: “With Huddy being gone, it’s a big loss for our team. We’re all big fans of Huddy, and it’s too bad, the way that it happened and how he’s not on the team anymore. But Krause is a great locker room guy, so he’s a big addition and we really like having him around, but obviously having Archibald gone hurts us as he’s a great player, but everyone in the locker room is doing well. I think we’re really coming together, and it’s difficult to have so many changes, but I think the captains and the coaches have done a great job to mesh us up a little bit.”

On learning from UNO’s players in leadership roles: “Yeah, I think you can always learn something from people like that where you like what they do. I think you learn from Whitey (Matt White) and Terry (Broadhurst) and Gwidter (Brent Gwidt) and their leadership styles and what they bring.”

UNO assistant coach Mike Hastings:
On missed chances that could have led to a win on Friday: “To me, the difference is not getting a couple (goals) by them early. I thought we had some opportunities where we had some pucks in the paint and just didn’t get off to a great start as far as finishing was concerned, but I thought we had great energy and I thought we played well in the first five minutes.”

On bright spots in UNO’s game in the series opener: “I thought we had a couple of good looks on the power play. There’s the one where Brock Montpetit gets the puck in-between the hash marks and probably got a little too fine. We had a chance that ended up going really from dot to dot on the power play for a one-timer for Megna and Hartzell made a good save on that. We lost Sustr right away, and I thought Ensign did a good job of filling in for him on the power play. It really didn’t look like he missed a beat.”


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